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Dr. Mike Okonkwo

15 September, 2021

“My son, attend to my words; incline thine ear unto my sayings.” Proverbs 4:20 KJV

When the Bible calls you ‘son,’ God is getting intimate with you because not everyone is a son. That means God is giving you that instruction based on the type of relationship you can enjoy with Him. He said, “attend to my words.” You must pay attention to what He’s saying to you. He wants to tell you how to dive into the mechanics of life. He wants to show what you are meant to do through His Word.

Be diligent to find out what God is saying in every matter. A lot of things are begging for your attention: people, the media, the newspapers, television, and so on. Many things want to speak to you, but God is saying to you, “my son, attend to my words, incline your ears to my saying.” Put down your ears and find out what God is saying. Receive a rhema from Him.
During His earthly ministry, Jesus Christ lived His life in such a way that people were forced to ask, “What manner of man is this? He is not like every one of us.” There was something different about Him. Jesus made it clear that it wasn’t about Him. In John 5:17, Jesus said, “… My father worketh hitherto, and I work” (KJV). In John 5:30, He said, “…as I hear, I judge…” (KJV). In other words, what God says about every situation is what matters; not the world’s view.

The world is in a cup of trembling. At a time like this, you cannot afford to take your relationship with God for granted. It’s not about coming to church on Sunday; you must get into the Word. He has already told you to attend to His words and incline your ears to His sayings. Why? Because there are many voices that are speaking! The voice of reasoning, the voice of politics, the voice of religion and culture are all speaking. So you need to draw closer to God and discern His word in the midst of the noisy world.

Further Reading: John 5:16-39
Daily Bible Reading: Morning- Proverbs 22-24; Evening- 2 Corinthians 8

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