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This is a multifaceted place where group (people) from various religious upbringing or ethnicity are welcome and can feel at home.
We encourage our members to live out their God-given authority as believers in Jesus Christ, through the help and guidance of the Holy Spirit. It’s also a burden in our heart to assist you in the process of your growth, spiritually and in all spheres of life (i.e. emotionally, health, career, family, etc).

What to look out for…

With values, excellence and integrity on the demand, we exhibit our love for God and service to people within our community and beyond. Our ministry and departments make it their responsibility to help lead others to achieve their Goals, Purpose and Objectives.
We network via various proactive Units (Smaller groups) that meet weekly all through the city—to rejoice and share the God-given purpose happening in their lives and change in their environs. We are looking forward to you being a part of our growing family by joining Us.

Our Outreach Activities

Prison Visitation

Missionary Support

Hospital Visitation

Shammah (Community Impact Initiative)

Streetwise (Evangelism)

Campus Fellowship

TREM Mission Statement


This is a place where we gather together in quality praise and worship of the true and living God, equipped with the Word of God for growth and fellowship with one another in covenant relationship and released to make a formidable impact in our world for the Kingdom.

TREM is big enough to contain you, small enough to reach you, and powerful enough to deal with anything the devil brings against you. Here we do not look at the bigness of your problem but the bigness of our God.

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