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    The Admin Directorate is headed by DCN UNA ANIEFIOK. This Directorate oversees the activities of the following Ministries:
    Database Ministry:
    The Database Ministry is in charge of creating, maintaining and updating the database of TREM-Uyo, Green Pastures House, which includes records of church membership data, attendance, ministry arms, visitors and important events of the church.
    Green Pastures Publications
    the Green Pastures Publications is charged with the responsibility for all church publications. These includes, Tracts, Stickers, Conference Brochures, Books and Pamphlets and Bulletin. Green Pastures Publications is subdivided into subgroups which include Editorial, Production, Sales, Adverts, Welfare, and Accounts.  All members function in capacities other than their core subgroup like participating in sales when the need arises.
    Engineering Ministry
    This Ministry takes care of the maintenance and fueling of generators, lighting, fans, Air-Conditioners and other electrical equipment, within and outside the church.
    Environmental Ministry
    The Environmental Ministry is in charge of keeping the Church and the surroundings clean.
    Protocol Ministry
    The Protocol Ministry is the arm that ensures orderliness in the church, and assisting the Man of God in the course of his ministering. They provide human shields against stampedes and provide other services through the Praise and Worship Protocol Team, Video and Photography, Ushering and Security, and Intercession.
    Transport and Logistics
    The Bus & Transport Logistics Ministry is the arm of the church that provides transportation and logistics for both members and staff of the church. They also oversee the maintenance of the church’s fleet of vehicles, and make recommendation(s) for replacement and sale of old vehicles. They also provide transport for the Monday Ministries-in-Training classes.
    Web Team
    The Web Team creates and maintains websites of the church (TREM- Uyo), and provides associated online services such as live streaming of events.
    Others Ministries under the Administrative Directorate include Corporate Affairs, Finance Department, Sanitation, Security and Surveillance, and Social Media Network.
    The Finance Directorate is headed by DEACON IDONGESIT OKONETUK. This Directorate oversees the following activities:
    • Supervises the collection of tithe and offering
    • Ensures banking of all collections intact according to the laid down procedure
    • Ensures payment of all duly approved vouchers
    • Ensures accurate recording of all tithes and issuing of receipts
    • Ensures payment of all staff salaries as at when due
    • Ensures proper recording of all income and expenditure
    • Ensures prompt preparation of the financial report
    • Ensures all remittances are paid as at when due and financial report submitted to all relevant offices on or before the deadline.
    The Membership Directorate is headed by BRO. ESSIEN ANIETUM. This Directorate oversees the activities of the following Ministries:
    The We Care Ministry
    The main focus of the We Care Ministry is to reach out to the needy in TREM-Uyo and alternately our community with the aim of winning souls for the kingdom, according to Acts 6. We do this through Counseling, different kinds of ministrations, monthly evangelism where we minister to the people in Medicare, food and relief materials, and more importantly feeding their spiritual being with the word of God.

    Other Ministries in this Directorate include Christian Men, Comfort Ministry, Marriage Committee, Couples, Intending Couples, Singles, and the Young Men.

    The Ministry Directorate is headed by UKEME JACKSON. This Directorate oversees the activities of the following Ministries:
    Hospital Visitation Ministry
    This ministry is a healing ministry involved in evangelism, prayers and visitation to the sick in hospitals. Occasionally the ministry donates relief items to the sick especially during festive periods.
    Intercessory Prayer Ministry
    Our objective is to carry the burden of the Man of God, and provide prayer covering for TREM-Uyo, Green Pastures House and TREM family members.
    Vocational Ministry
    The ministry activities revolve around the training of its members who in turn train members from other Branches. Our training programs include, but are not limited to the following:- The training is aimed at helping members to be self-reliant.
    • Fruit drink making
    • Soap making (Liquid and Bar soap)
    • Bleach making
    • Headgear washing
    • Yoghurt making
    • Snail breeding/Fish farming
    • Sponsorship of some members for specialized training

    The Missions Directorate is headed by. This Directorate oversees majorly Evangelism Ministry and the G-12 Network.

    The National Transformation Directorate is headed by CMDR UDUAKABASI SANDY OBONG-EREN (RTD). This Directorate oversees the activities of the following Ministries:
    Community Development Ministry
    We carry out material and spiritual ministrations to the neighborhood communities around the church. Our past activities include medical check-up and eye services to the community, workshop for the tricycle and bike riders, hospitals. Other activities include cleaning of gutters and drainage.
    Prison Ministry
    We minister to the inmates and wards of Prisons, some Social Homes and Juvenile Homes through visitations, teachings, fellowships, counselling, prayers, material donations and financial expenditures.
    The Women and Children Directorate is headed by PST MRS. ENOBONG AKANIYENE EFFIONG. This Directorate oversees the activities of the following Ministries:
    Royal Children’s Teachers Ministry
    We minister Christ to children, teaching them to grow in the Lord. We also minister to their needs through the “Back to School Program”, wherein we provide basic school supplies at the beginning of every academic year. We presently sponsor children by paying their school fees throughout the academic year, and bless children through the Children’s Welfare package – be it as a result of sickness bereavement or any kind of loss.
    We also equip teachers by way of Bible previews, seminars, and training programs, and through encouraging them to attend week day services. We also help teachers in need through teacher’s welfare package.
    Other Ministries in this Directorate include the Children’s Church, Christian Women, and Young Women.
    The Worship Directorate is headed by EMMANUEL EDET. This Directorate oversees the activities of the following Ministries:
    Green Pastures Ministers
    The Green Pastures House is the ministry in charge of music in all services in TREM-Uyo. Our usual meeting days are Wednesdays, Saturdays and some Fridays (all night as announced). In addition to the general membership criteria, intending members must be committed and have a flair for Gospel music.
    The Enumerators are charged with the responsibility of giving the accurate attendance figures of the Congregation in the course of service, differentiating between Men, Women and Children.
    Greeting Ministry
    The Greeting Ministry is an arm of the Ministry that is designed to win and retain souls through our smiles and words of encouragement to people coming in for the first time, as well as old members. We are the Ambassadors of the church, the first contact in the church. Our main aims are soul-winning, lifting up people’s spirit with words of encouragement, and quality fellowship (with new comers after service).
    Green Pastures Media
    The Power Media is sub divided into two- the Video Unit and the Audio Unit.
    The Video Unit is charged with the responsibility of recording (video coverage) all services in TREM-UYO and keeps data of all events and programs in the church. We ensure The Presiding Bishop message is broadcast on radio (POWER FOR THE WISE), and also propagate the International Women Prayer Conference Uyo Edition which hold once in a year.
    The Audio Unit is charged with the responsibility of recording all audio messages within and outside the church.
    They ensure that the sound in the church is perfect and they make available public address systems for all Groups and Ministry arms programs in the church.
    Ushering Ministry
    The ushering ministry is an important arm of the church entrusted with the responsibility of maintaining order during services, activities or programmes in the church.

    The Young People’s Directorate is headed by BRO. UBONG RUMOULD. This Directorate oversees the activities of the Teens Church and the Youth Fellowship.